1/35 Panzer IV long barrel needed

Looking for a Panzer IV long barrel. I have a Panzer IV ausf D turret i plan to use as a Berlin Turret Bunker. However the ausf D has a short gun barrel. The ausf D probably was not used as a turret bunker but i like the look of the single side hatch. So if anyone of you that prefer metal barrels and have a plastic Panzer IV barrel in your spare parts stash, i’ll give it a good home. Thanks. plmmm at msn dot com

I can probably find a spare plastic Panzer IV L48, will check and reply back later.

Very much appreciated.


How does this look? I think it’s a spare long L48 from a Dragon/DML Pz IV F (short gun) kit. L48 for a Pz IV.

Email me your address and I will try to get shipped tomorrow if you want it.


Whoa. This would be fantastic. Email sent. Thanks.

Wade. Postmaster at outlook dot com keeps sending me an email that my emails are not getting thru to your email server. Thanks.

Paul, one of them did. I have the address and will mail tomorrow