1:35 Pz.Kpfw. VIII Maus Aftermarket Ammo

Hello all,

A while ago i purchased Trumpeters Pz.Kpfw. VIII Maus with full interior.
Unfortunately Trumpeter did not do the best research job regarding the interior.
For example there is no turret plattform, instead of one batterie set there are four and nearly no ammo storage in the hull!
The provided ammo is not realy convinnient and much too little. My search for aftermarket products was successless. Even Scalesmates list nothing for the 12,8 cm KwK 44 or the 7,5cm KwK 44 or 7,5cm KwK l/36.
Can anybody help out?

Happy modelling

If the gun uses the same ammo as the 12,8 cm Flak, you may try AM ammo for the Flak. Schatton Modellbau makes a set of 12,8 cm ammo.

Hello HermannB,

thanks for your answer.
I’ve checked the link. In theorie it could be the right ammunition. But the projectils are made so basic that i find them not usefull.

But a new search, this time for 128mm, returned a hit.
Aber has a nice set that can be used.
Aber 128mm Ammo
In addition to that RB Model offers 12.8cm PaK 40 L/61 ammo witch contains 6 x armour-piercing projectiles, 6 x high-explosive projectiles and 6 x shells under their product nr. 35P10

Happy modelling