1/35 Red Cossacks-Russian Civil War -Diorama

Coming back here after a long time with a diorama depicting Red Cossacks charging with the support of captured Mark V Hermaphrodite from the White army. Circa 1919 during Russian Civil war. Tank Kit is Emhar and the Cossack/Horses are from Italeri. Paints used were Vallejio, Tamiya and Model Master. Base made out of pink foam and air dry clay. The only mistake I did was on the real tank , the tricolor would have been painted over by the Reds. Also the color of the tank at that time is anybody’s guess as there are no color photos available. Correct me if I am wrong. Let me know how you all like it.




This is a wonderful diorama and I must say you’ve done an incredible job on that Emhar piece of junk kit! It is an excellent model! Your painting and detailing on both the figures and tank are outstanding. The weathering on the tank is impressive and just right. All in all a beautiful job.
And WELCOME to Armorama! You’re going to love it here!

Thank you very much for your kind words. I agree with you on the Emhar Kit. It was very rudimentary and the fitment was not that great around the track area.So I had to cover my imperfections with mud effect.:smile:

Really dynamic dio you’ve created here. Quite a rare one too, to do something from the Russian Civil War but you’ve managed a really nice piece. The cossacks are brilliant and the sense of movement in them is awesome. For such an old and out-dated tank kit you have done a stellar job with it too!