1/35 resin figure comparison?

I have been looking around and haven’t found a site that compares the different ranges of 1/35 individual figures. Is there such a thing? I have found reviews of individual figures but little by way of comparison between the different figure makers.

I think most commercial sites tend to avoid that sort of compare as it can make current or potential advertiser’s unhappy. There’s probably YouTube modelers and video that may do so.

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Every company makes some excellent figures, as well as some stinkers, except for Italeri…they are very consistently stinkers, and Trumpeter isn’t far behind! :open_mouth:

Although I’d agree with Biggles about Italeri (and add Esci/Zvedza) I think we both missed the word “resin” in your thread title. Any reason why you’re restricting your scope to resin figures? Just ‘cos they’re not plastic doesn’t mean they’re any better - in fact some of the worst offenders I’ve bought have been resin. Anyhow I don’t think it’s possible to diss other manufacturers of resin or plastic out of hand, most have used more than one sculptor ranging from excellent to must-try-harder, so it probably comes down to what exactly you’re trying to do i.e. what the subject’s going to be, and do your research on manufacturer’s figures covering that particular subject rather than search for what others think generally. You’re far more likely to get useful responses if you shortlist some specific figures and ask for others’ reviews :tumbler_glass:


I asked about resin because I have and am kind of not too worried about buying more plastic figures (I have Zvezda, Italeri, Dragon, Mini-art, and Tamiya figures). Resin figures are a bit more expensive and I just don’t know much about them, and it seems like there are lots of reviews around the plastic makers (at least that I can find through web search) and reviews of resin figs seem kind of sparse.

I’ll pull up some specifics that I’m thinking about later and ask about them.

Maybe in a hobby magazine? They used to do a pretty good job of it in Military Miniatures in Review but that magazine no longer exists.

Actually, recent Zvezda original releases are not bad! I have their 1/35 PaK 36 37 mm gun with crew, and WWll Soviet naval infantry, and they are very usable. Their PaK gun is better than Dragon’s older release!

Actually I’m glad you mentioned the Zvezda PaK 36 as I was looking at it and thinking the crew figures looked good on the boxart and was wondering whether they were nicely done.

Given that there is no objective standard, your best bet is probably to look for decent resolution images of the particular sets which interest you and form your own opinion. What is acceptable to one person might not be to another, so a review to a different standard to yours won’t necessarily help a lot. For example, I found most Verlinden figures pretty wooden in pose but I saw plenty of people bought and used them.

Going from reviews on here, I would say Alpine and Stalingrad seem to be consistently good. Hornet heads appear to be good also, so when they do figures (which they have in the past), I’d expect them to also be good. Some of the other manufacturers can vary, it seems to depend on the pose. I have to say I am not speaking from experience, as I personally regard resin figures at £20 a pop to be too expensive for my needs. I am prepared to chop plastic figures around to get a suitable pose as they are comparatively cheap, so no big loss if they don’t work. Time was that resin figures were the way to go for anything other than action poses, but that is no longer the case. Recent plastic figures from Miniart, Masterbox, Dragon and even Tamiya (I would recommend their new German Tank Crew) are to a standard we only expected from resin figures some years back. Trumpeter figures can indeed be grim, but their German Artillery Crews in action can be made to look quite acceptable and IMHO are superior to the Dragon figures which all seem to be “standing around vaguely doing something”.

Based on my collection over the last 30 years, I agree with @Hohenstaufen

Alpine, Stalingrad & Warriors (before Verlinden purchased company) seem consistently good.

Hornet heads excellent as far back as at least the late 1980’s and still excellent today.

Recent plastic figures from Miniart &Tamiya are very nice. I haven’t purchased any recent Masterbox or Dragon figures but would trust @Hohenstaufen comments on them.

In addition to what the others have said I would recommend the resin figure makers D-Day Miniatures, Black Dog Models, Live Resin, Masterclub, TANK Models, Paracel Figures. I believe Rado Miniatures, Mantis Miniatures and Royal Model would also be well worth a look.

For plastic Masterbox produce some excellent choices, especially their most recent releases- some of their older models require a bit of work but are not too bad. Miniart also produce a great range of plastic figs. ICM also do some good choices but sometimes require a bit of improvement. Same could be said of Zvezda- their more recent products are well worth a look.

To add to the resin line up of excellent resin figures: