1/35 RFM M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle Project

Nice build so far. What are you planning to do up front? Rake? Dozer blade? Or nothing?


Rake of course! It’s all still attached to the sprues so far. To me, you can’t have the ABV without the rake


I wish Ryefield would offer the Pearson Engineering Dozer Blade from their USMC M1A1 FEP kit as a separate option, like they did with the Kontak-1 ERA bricks on their M1A1 UKR/POL kit.


The PSM Pearson dozer blade ain’t bad


That looks really nice.


I do like the more traditional look of an “engineering vehicle” too, but then the M58 system feels out of place haha

Nice work!


Is a shame that there are not a big hankering for the old M58 tow-behind trailer.


Just add an M113A3.

I’ve seen the M60 ABLV mounted M58 made to scale here too.


Some of us are just queer for engineering vehicles, no matter how awful the kit is.

Hobby Fan used to make the stand alone MICLIC trailer. Haven’t seen one for years.


Agreed! That would open a lot of avenues for more quirky builds, especially what-if’s like a Bradley or Stryker towing one.

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Or one of my favorites. The AAVP7A1 with the MCLIC launcher installed.


Oh now that is neat! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before

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First five seconds of this video show one of these vehicles after deploying the M58 MCLIC to clear a minefield in front of a bridge leading into Baghdad, while Marines are fully engaged with the Iraqi Army on their push into the capital during the initial days of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


No real major updates as of late, fighting with the parts that make the ABV the ABV, lots of random parting lines and too-snug fits that require fiddling with. Maybe I’m just being too anal-retentive about removing these, but I’ll know they’re there and that bothers me!

Yes, that’s a quarter for scale. Sure these parts are super small, but ugh that mismatch between halves.

Then there’s random notches and such around the parts like this that need to be cleaned up. Having built a few RFM kits at this point, these are all a surprise to me - but then again maybe I just didn’t notice back then.

And yes, I’m aware I’m living in the luxuries of modern kits even having this detail in the first place, but I also thought we would’ve figured out how to make boxes that fit together by now. Ah well, rant over, back to the bench.


Whew ok, the ABV’s lane marking system and other boxes are done. 73 parts here, I’ll count the plow’s parts when it’s all said and done. Will be curious to see which has more! I’ll wager that the plow ends up having more, but hopefully not as much fuss fitting things together.

Something to point out to those of you who may build this kit, the instructions don’t tell you to flip the direction of one of the flag launchers on the lane marking system. The interfaces on these boxes should both be facing towards the rear. As can be seen here on what looks to be a Leopard 1, but not a Kodiak CEV, interestingly enough.


Got the hydraulic cylinder that mounts to the front of the tank done, added some what-looked-to-be-a-good-size Deutsch connectors (don’t tell the car guys!) as stand-ins for the lack of connectors on the hull and the kit-supplied cylinders on the end of the hydraulic control box. I’ll have to do some more digging and see if I can’t find more photos where connectors are necessary - I’m assuming these lines run back towards the various powerpacks on the back of the tank.

Every time I need to photograph small parts like these I realize I really need to get a macro lens. One day.

The kit-supplied bar that adjusts the positioning of the foot is supplied solid, which won’t work to adjust the positioning of anything, so I cut the heim joint off the foot end and drilled out the body, adding in some styrene rod so that the height can be adjusted. I need to do some more digging and see if these are turnbuckles or hydraulic cylinders - if they’re hydraulic cylinders I’ll finally have the onus to buy the many varying diameters of copper wire that I’ve been staring at on eBay for far too long.

All said and done, I don’t even know if I’ll end up adjusting the height here, but I like having the option to do such. Looking ahead at the rest of the plow, this looks to be a common theme so I’ll likely make the same modifications.

It’s starting to come together and I’ve begun work on the rest of the plow which has been slow but steady to get most of the joints clean before the sub-assemblies can come together.


That’s some nice delicate work there… :+1:


Extremely thin fuze wire around rod will give you the threaded look.


All that work for a turnbuckle! Of course hahaha. Thanks for the great reference pics and tip! I’ll get the angle adjusted and add the wire.

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Many thanks to Rob (@18bravo) for letting me know he’s got heaps of reference photos for the ABV, available as a walkaround and now that I have proper references, it’s time to up the level of detail a little bit and have the right functional parts!

Just the hydraulic cylinders for now (these are actually hydraulic cylinders this time!), as I finally ordered various diameters of copper wire, which will make up for all other exposed wiring and hydraulic lines now that I know what’s what (thanks Rob!) and I need to wait on that to show up before adding all the missing bits.

Now, I probably don’t need adjustable hydraulic cylinders just like I probably don’t need adjustable turnbuckles, but based on the reference photos the fittings on the cylinder needed some love at the very least.

I used some steel rod I had laying around along with some more Deutsch connectors, this time trimming some in 1/24 and 1/20 scales to get what looked half-decent. Much better than kit supplied anyway (and parting line free, yippie!).

I’ll keep putzing away at this until either the copper wire shows up before I need it, or I’ll bring down something else from the shelf-of-doom (Zoukei Mura’s 1/32nd He 219 “Uhu”) and work on that until the copper wire does show up. That’ll have it’s own build log, but here’s where that left off:


Nice build. I like the vehicle.



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