1/35 Ryefield Model ODS M1A1 Abrams ''Devil's Desire'' w/ Mine Plow

Hi everyone,
Here is my M1A1 Abrams w/Mine Plow, which was used by US Army during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.
Main kit is RMF’s product. APU and mine plow addons are from old Trumpeter kit.
All painted and weathered by handbrush.


Impressive what can be done with a paint brush. A Rembrandt in my opinion!

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Very nice.

I am confused by some elements. The loader weapon is covered and the dog house doors closed as if in the rear area resting but a M-16 left unsecured. Not sure about Army TOE but I don’t think the crew would be issued one as 9mm would be a better crew served weapon. I don’t recall a spot for one in the tank. Would be interested to hear if others know more.

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Overall, it looks great. Yes, the M16 is out of place because of the reasons you listed. There were 2 M3 Grease Guns as part of the tank BII and the crew would carry pistols (M1911 or M9). However, as a Battery Commander and later a staff officer, I was only authorized a pistol by MTOE, but always carried a rifle as well when in combat.

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noticed that too. still, an amazing build!
can’t wait to see more of your work,

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Thank you all for your kind words and tips folks.
I’ll replace the M16 with Grease Gun (If I could find one)

Actually, it would be better just to remove the M16 and not put anything in its place. A gun would not be left unattended on what appears to be a locked up tank. The rest of it looks awsome.


Thank you for the info Gino. Looks like it’s time to remove all rifles on my models.

If you added a figure on the top of the turret that would help. Without a figure that would convey that it was left alone unguarded and that by US Military standards would be considered a major sin.

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Got it ! Looking for figures on net right now, thanks for the assist.

No problem. These guys would work.


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I have to disagree with the comments regarding the M16, yes each crew member was issued an M9 but the loader was issued an M16. The M3 Grease gun was removed from the Armor MTOE early 90’s. Having been an M1 Crewmember from '91-'94 my input is based on what I was issued and what we carried on the tank.

Its a great looking build, amazing weathering and detail.

One comment regarding the spare roadwheel, it was common practice to place the road wheel over the location for the CITV, that spot provided a bolt to secure the roadwheel to the top of the turret. Where the roadwheel is currently sitting there is nothing to secure it.



For the M16, it is still not really correct for ODS ('90-'91) as the tank portrays. It still wouldn’t be left unattended either way.

It is not incorrect to have the roadwheel there. There are four bolts there that are removed to add a lifting ring to remove the turret. One of these bolts can be removed and reinserted through the road wheel to secure it there.

Maybe timeframe, location, service and unit things changed, as loader and gunner I don’t recall being issued anything other then a M9.

But I think we can agree you won’t have left your M16 alone on top of the turret?

Now that you mention it I do remember those four bolts, forgot about those.


Good to know !
Thank you David.

I was M1’s from the beginning, transitioned from M60A1’s in 1982. In the M60 series tank, there were two M3 grease guns as crew served weapons, one for the driver, one for the loader. In the M1 series, this was replaced with an M16 series rifle, stowed in the turret. It belonged to the tank, just like the machineguns, and was not assigned to any crewman.


Yes, when I was in, the M16 was part of the MTOE. Familiar with grease guns, but that was before my TIS.

Absolutely brilliant job with this mate. I’ve been meaning to build an Abrams for ages now, quite ashamed that I haven’t finished any. The stowage really adds life to your model.

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Thank you !
Abrams models are really fun to build. Go for it !