1/35 scale newspaper

I would need a ton of newspapers in 1/35 scale -the thickness of the paper is important, too… (I would use cigarette paper, but hand-drawing 1/35 text and whatnot is out of my patience.)
Does anyone make aftermarket products that could be used?

Duplicata has some newspapers and magazines from various countries and times, however I have not seen them live and have no idea about thickness:

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Another option :



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You can also find images of newspapers on the web and download them, resize, and print them on your home printer. If you want scale(ish) thickness, try parchment or other fine paper.

An example of what you get.

I do the same with maps, magazine covers, boxes, etc.; pretty much any paper item.

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I never thought about being able to print on very thin paper. I will have to look into it. Thank you for the suggestion

A scale thickness of paper is only needed when you want the show a single sheet of a newspaper.
Normally when reading a newspaper you hold several sheets in one bundle. If it is just supposed to lie around then you can use normal printer paper

I agree. The above cover page in back of the Brad was done on standard paper.

The Duplicata stuff is printed on pretty thin paper, whether it is thin enough is up to you. It works fine for me.

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