1/35 SOF Pickups With .50cal or 40mm MK47 in Cargo Bed---Are They Still Real Today?

Before I spend a lot of money on the idea of having a .50cal M2HB or MK47 on a pole in the bed of a pickup, I have to ask…are these USSOCOM SOF technical pickups even REAL TODAY?

I found photos of the red Tacoma in Afghanistan with the M240 on a pole circa around 2002, and Osprey’s “Technical” book shows US SOF pickups with MK47 40mm grenade launchers in Syria in 2016, but that was six years ago. Most of the Technical pickups seem to belong to non-US and NATO adversaries and that is how MENG sells their 1/35 Technical pickup kits and a lot of modelers seem to build this way as a Google search reveals very few SOF Technical pickups with a gunner in the cargo bed.

It seems that the US and NATO SOFs prefer to go with FAVs. HMMWVs, JLTVs, M-ATVs, and GMVs. As such, anyone have any experience building the 1/35 Blackdog Flyer 72?

Thanks in advance.

Who needs a pickup when a BMW convertable will do?

It will be hard to get a BMW convertible in 1/35 scale. :grinning:

Heaps of hummer ideas for Ukraine….

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