1/35 Tamiya 3.7cm Flak 37

So some time ago I built Tamiya’s Sd.Kfz. 7/2 with a 3.7cm Flak 37. I had purchased an aftermarket barrel from Aber (I think) since the kit’s gun looked terribIe. Other than that, the gun is OOB. I recently looked at it lying on the shelf, unpainted, and decided to paint it. I felt like painting Dunkelgrau (which I’ve never done before) and a whitewash (which I haven’t been able to achieve what I wanted). It was a short and fun paint job, and I enjoyed it greatly.

Here is the model before priming, the Aber barrel was definetely worth it.

Here is the model after priming, I used Vallejo’s Flat Black primer. I found some sink marks and seam lines but the were easy enough to remove. Then I reprimed those areas.

Here is the model after the first basecoat. I used Dunkelgrau from Scale75:Warfront for this. I slowly added white and attempted some modulation but it is not really visible in these photos. I also added a mask to the internal part of the gun so that the whitewash would not be applied there.

After whitewash application and hairspray chipping. I am fairly pleased with the result, this is the first time chipping fluid has cooperated with me! I used Vallejo white (or ivory, not sure which), and the chipping fluid was from Ammo.

After regular chipping. I created my own mix of reddish-brown colors to acheive the German Red Primer look I was after.

The final result after detail painting and weathering with oils. I used oils from Abteilung 502 to create mud and dust effects that seemed appropriate for winter.

All in all, I enjoyed this short project. I am welcome to any and all feedback.


I wouldn’t want to fly near it!

Always good to see an artillery or AA gun.

On serious note, that’s a great looking Flak gun. Excellent build well constructed and the aftermarket gun barrel looks great. The paint and weather are very well done. :clap:

I like it. AAA+


Very nicely done, specially the chipping around the gun shield; very realistic. :+1:


@Armor_Buff , :joy: You’re right, neither would I! Thanks, I do enjoy your blogs as well, especially the Panther you’re doing now.
@SableLiger , Thank you, I am very pleased with the chipping as well.