1/35 tamiya Japanese type 90 tank

So I have a problem.actually its more of a headache so I have some questions.

1.will the panzer art 120 L/44 work for the kit

2.I wanted to use metal tracks but i’m having terrible luck finding any.The only place that sells them are in China.So my question is Are there any other tanks that use the same tracks? and what kind of tracks did the type 90 have?

3.Wheel mask’s.I am having trouble finding a set.Are there any quick wheel sets that will fit the Type 90’s road and return rollers?

sorry for all the Questions.


1 unless you rework the muzzle the gun won’t work as the muzzle different
2 No other vehicle uses the same or similar track. there are 2 types rubber padded and non padded, the best option is Raupen Modell, I have used their type 10 track and was very happy with it. link to both types

non padded

if you are worried about China BNA Model World have some in stock $54.50 AUD, link

BNA are excellent I have been purchasing from them for years while I was living in Aust. and presently in New Zealand, delivery time from Aust to NZ 6-7 working days.
3 measure and use a circle cutter on masking tape to make your own.

asking questions is how we learn there is always someone on the site with an answer


thank you my good sir for the info :slight_smile:

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