1/35 Tamiya StuG III Norway RAL color

Hi Everyone,

Im building this StuG and was wondering if anyone knew the correct RAL number? The insrtuctions say its a StuG III, 303rd StuG Brg. Wehrmacht, Norway 1943.



  1. I see no one at Finescale answered you.

They’re too busy over there talking about non modeling related stuff.

Just curious, but which variant of Stug.III and when in 1943? 1943 started out with vehicles in Dunkelgrau RAL 7021, before the changeover to Dunkelgelb RAL 7028. Being a backwater theater, the vehicles there from before the changeover of colors would have remained in RAL 7021 for some time afterwards due to supply priority issues.

G - StuG III

LOL. Armorama and finescale are my 2 go to sites

Hi Stikpusher,
The RAL 7028 may be the one from what I’ve seen on the WEB. Thanks for the reply.

If you’re building the 1/48 Tamiya Stug.III early, the instructions show that Norway locale vehicle in overall Dark Yellow, aka Dunkelgelb RAL 7028.

I hope that you’re gonna share your build of this on here.

True, back area units , like Norway, Channel Islands might have been low on the logistics totem pole, but not like they didnt have time to repaint things.

I didnt know the answer,but we only took 3 hours on a saturday to get back to him.

Mods arent very tolerant,but we try our best to help when we could.I will say there seems to be a more international flavor here with more technical answers.

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I want to thank everyone for their input. Good to see stikpusher and Tojo are still on these sites. Over these many years I have seen your replies on numerous questions.
As for posting pictures I just don’t have the time with running a business and raising a family. Just trying to find time to build something is a luxury.
In any event I’m gonna go with RAL 7028.

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