1/35 Tiger model Leclerc tank tracks

I’m waiting for the 1/35 Leclerc tank kit but in the meantime decided to build the metal tracks for it.
I’m wondering approx how many track links are used for side.

As many as it takes. The actual tank uses about 90 per side. No telling how many the model will need.


Leclerc has skirts. You don’t need to build what you cannot see.

Which tracks are you building ? The Tiger Model version is the latest one with the steel tracks unlike the Tamiya model which features the early aluminum ones.
They are different. The most visible difference is the shape of the rubber pads.


I’m awaiting the tiger model kit;
in the meantime, I got the following tracks

They are the early model suitable for the Heller and Tamiya kits.
Tiger Model Leclerc is the late type with the late tracks. However some tanks are fitted with the early tracks after maintenance.