1/35 UH-1C Huey

Thinking about my next project while i finish up my current one, and its gonna be a Uh 1c i think. I was scoping out the kit and had some questions… What does the m75 nose mounted grenade launcher ammo bin look like? do i use the one in the kit and remove the bench like the instructions say?

Looks like two different types of ammo cans were used

Early can

Rotary ammo drum :

You can download the TM for the Armament Subsystem M5 here :




I’m assuming this is the old Academy/MRC kit you have, so i will be following this build with interest.

Thanks so much for the info! I couldn’t find anything on the web… maybe i was looking in all the wrong places haha!

Yeah this is the old academy kit with the eduard interior set im going to be doing. Hopefully starting it within 2 weeks or so

Question… If i was to go with this armament, including the bench in the cabin cause i wanna use 2 crew chiefs…. I would be using the smaller ammo can assuming that it fits under the bench. Or could i omit the bench for the bigger ammo drum and include both crew chiefs? Or would that put the chopper over weight?

The M5 grenade launcher ammo drum was often placed directly behind the center console/pilots’ seats and the bench seat still placed along the rear wall for the other 2 crewmen.

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Thanks for the info! Does anybody have any pictures of the ammo drum installed?

I guess I’m gonna be starting this project a lot sooner than i thought… i have to put my other project on hold for a few weeks because of printer issues. I finally made a decal sheet for a 1/35 m1167 but my printer keeps smearing the ink as it prints. So i Gonna get a new printer eventually, but in the mean time i gonna start this huey later this evening!

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The first step i did was get the seat belts and seats out of the way cause i find those very annoying (especially dealing with eduard and a million pieces just to make one belt!)
Let me know if this is accurate or not


Hello there I stumbled on this blog and was curious if you had the TM for the XM-16 Duel M-60 mount, what information I have been able to find shows the guns mounted, I’m looking for any clear diagrams of the of the mount itself, thank you for any assistance in advance. Juan.

Would this help ?


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I would really like to do that armament system as well! But for some reason it doesn’t exist in 1/35 scale…. I really hope takom makes an entire uh 1 series! (Trumpeter… yeah right) hahaha

Anyways some updates!


Couple questions:
What kind of equipment was usually stored under the bench?

Are there any other decal options for the instrument panel other than the quinta studios decal? (Which costs way to much) or any tips on how to paint it?

And what color would the ammo drum be: gray or OD, or maybe something else?

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Thank you Frenchy and sorry for not responding sooner, I have seen these photos before, however I was hoping that there might be TM or photos that shows the mounting for the guns without the guns and feed chutes in the way, thank you again. Juan.

What about these ?


A few more :


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So…. I got some pretty good answers and pictures of the grenade launcher ammo bin…. Apparently there bins were makeshift in Vietnam to carry over 300 rounds. The benches were removed and chairs were put in place…. I tried scratch building and it failed, my new plan is to learn how to use the program blender and get into 3d printing… i guess this project is on hold until then

Here is the link in case anybody is interested


wow you’re really making great strides and i hope you get the 3D printing think to work out.

Thanks! This 3d design is really complicated for me…. I’m use to 2d auto cad that i used for a couple years studying architecture, but right now I’m trying to use blender and it is really giving me a headache!