1/35 USMC Fire Team during OIF

This is my recently finished work. I’m still struggling what vehicle (LAV-25, AAVP7, or HUMVEE) should be put in a diorama with these 4 guys.


The figures themselves are nicely done, however I do not believe they are painted in Marine camo. As we had BDU or digi print and it appears you painted DCU camo.

Didn’t the Marines use the DCUs in the initial invasion ? Can’t remember now myself. I remember seeing MOPP suits in BDU camo at that time but can’t be sure.
The figs came very nice. Good consistency on the finish and flesh tones. Great job on the both the Woodland and dessert camo YJ!

Really fantastic figures you have there . The camo, both Woodland and the Tri-Color desert pattern are well observed- the desert pattern tones are particularly realistic. Its a good range of poses too and you’ve done a fine job adding the weapon slings.

I am not saying your incorrect but MC supply chain doesn’t change quickly. I only recall BDU and Marpat digi camo being used.

We wore those chem suits until we hit up near Baghdad with PT gear underneath, the suits were either woodland or desert pattern cammie (same as the old BDU/DCU) - I got one of each. What you got was luck of the draw. We burned the suits in my company, and after all that time in them, the stink was close to what you got from burning the crap. MARPAT digis weren’t very common in 03.

Nicely done! I sported that look through part of my Spring Break tour of '03, a whole lot better than the chemical suits we started things off in. You’ve got enough guys for the scouts in the back of an LAV-25, just swap out the 240 for a SAW, you won’t have to deal with track links. Just my .02

The figures look outstanding!

No worries Ryan, I don’t mind being corrected at all. I’m unsure what uniform was worn and when. There were a few combinations at the beginning of the conflict.

Thanks all for the compliments and correcting me the camo for marines during OIF. I actually did a few research on the internet and several magazines; Some marines wore DCU and BDU camo at the beginning of the invasion. And some photos showing that the camo patterns are different even in the same fire team.


But as Ryan mentioned, the marines were most known wearing MARPAT digit camo.


Yes, but MARPAT wasn’t available back in the beginning of the invasion. Also, MARPAT uniform has a different cut than the BDU/DCU. So I think you correctly depicted your figures re: the uniforms.

I do think most marines wore Coyote Brown body armor though.


who makes those figures?

In 2003-2004, there was not enough Interceptor Body Armor in the supply system to equip all combat units. So units used whatever pattern was available- Woodland, Desert, or Coyote Brown. Color/pattern availability often depended upon the size needed.

Are these from Trumpeter?

the front-right figure is from Trumpeter, and the other 3 are from Dragon kit. I replace the head from another kit for the Trumpeter guy.

As I said before great job!

Very nicely done. Although I think they’re too clean for Marines…. :crazy_face:

Never mind if it is 100% correct, it is a beautifully done job!!

You wore whatever CIF had to issue in your size. There were Marines in my platoon with woodland Interceptor vest covers and Marines with Coyote vest covers. There was also MOLLE gear in woodland, ALICE gear, different shades of coyote privately purchased gear. I had a woodland Interceptor vest, two of the scouts had coyote as did the three crewmen, the team leader also had a woodland vest. Gear in OIF I was very much mix 'n match.


The same was true for the Army as well. Half of my MLRS Bn still had Woodland PASGT vests w/the DCU cover on them. Most of us had Woodland JSLIST chem suits. We only had 2 sets of DCUs issued as well. Once they were dirty or torn up, it was back to Woodland BDUs.

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