1/35 Vietnam dio SEARCH AND DESTROY

The huey is from revell, it was a nice kit, the front window screen was a nightmare and couldn’t fit it properly, my error.

I then wired the Huey with fibre optics, the dash bored and the cargo bay areas. But the resin pilots obscured the dashboard so you can not see the lite dashboard too well.

The marines are resin ones from the net and the foliage is made the usual way


What kit did you use?

1/35 scale revell kit

I didn’t know Revell had a 1/35 scale kit. That’s cool!

It looks pretty nice. Good job on it.

It is the MRC/Academy UH-1C kit re-boxed by Revell, with new decals.

Super cool diorama! Very nice groundwork and cool layout.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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