1/35 Vietnam War Bunker and more

Made from Apoxie sculpt,
Klaar 011 Klaar 012

I Left the Mortar pit floor clean ,so i can cover it up with the same dirt that’s used for the surrounding of the base ( so that it has the same texture )


Wow! That must’ve taken a while!

Very nice work though! :grin:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

WOW! You made all of those individual sandbags from putty? Absolutely mindblowing! :exploding_head: Those are completely perfect. You, sir, are a talented artist. Incredible job.


I saw the bunker on the old site and now I’m equally blown away by the mortar pit.

You mentioned a little in the last post about how you did the bags. Was the majority of the sculpting done, like adding the seams and “necks”, after they were in place? Looks like the fuel drums around the mortar pit are filled with dirt, nice detail.

Hi Maarten,

Truly outstanding, love the detail, I have always wanted to do a Vietnam era Firebase type bunker, but sculpting all those sandbags has always put me off, but you’ve nailed it, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


You must have bought the global stock of puty for these!
Really awesome work!!!

Very nice! I can really appreciate the work that went into that!

well darn it, I used Cell-u-Clay to make sand bags for my 'Nam dio but it wasn’t as pliable as the Apoxie appears to be so they’re lacking in detail, nice work on the bunker and mortar pit but it brings to mind a Styxx song from the late 70’s?, . . . I’ve got too much time on my hands . . . great looking displays, I sure hate to pry off my sandbags and start over but I might just have to bite the bullet.

Richard,Matthew,Sherb, G-man69,golikell,SdAufKla and agincajun113

agincajun,it took almost 3 weeks every night approx 3 hours bench time.

golikell, 3 x (1 lb /454 gram ) sets of Apoxie sculpt ,still got a bit left .

Sherb,correct stack them… than make the seams when it still soft and adding the necks when the putty is cured.


Almost forgot it ,also working on a simple watchtower ,


Did a few rubble filled ones and made resin copies from them. 6


The tower looks great.


Fantastic! This is incredible to see…all those Apoxie sand bags!

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:tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass:


Piet , nothing but cool man , awesome work !!

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amazing work you’ve done there, well done indeed

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This thread just Keeps getting better and better!
Love the tower.

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Both looks great. I wish to see them as commercial kits :slight_smile:

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Awesome Martin, glad you made it here. Bunkers looks great!

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Wow! All I can say is wow.

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