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Got an email about a month ago from a US label the one with the colorfull box covers (not naming names ) praising my skills and comparing it with the work of a master builder ,and wanting to buy some of my bunkers and produce them and even send the copies to me .

I said i am really flattered and i was willing to sell but had other offers to, So i replied lets talk money (normal thing to do right ?)

2 weeks later still no reply.
So i E-mailed him again and got a mail back .
With the following …
What kind of money would you be looking for each bunker ?

I replied, it all depends which ones you want.

Still have to hear back from him! .

So yesterday i thought… why don’t you get a ingrowing toenail and your line of bunkers look shitty anyway !

As these were my first Sandbag projects, and i think I know now how to do them .
I sold all the previous models this morning to a fellow modeler here in the Netherlands .

Cash in the pocket and clean work bench ready for another winter project, stay tuned.

This thread is closed ,I will make a new one in time .


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Way to go.

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