1/35 WW2 POW diorama after the battle

this is one I made a couple of months ago.

It is supposed to be prisoners taken from the shore line after the battle and taken back to the allied ships ready for interrogation.

The DUKW is from ITALERI and the figures are a mixture of resin ones and master box.

The stone wall, pavements, posts, equipment, barrels are a mixture of resin and master from moulds that were made


Very nicely done & it all works together – the wall’s excellent, what did you use? :tumbler_glass:

The wall is a plastic sheet of a brick pattern that bought from a modelling trade fare. I backed this on some foam card and made a rubber silicone mould. Once made I used plaster of Paris to make the wall.

I would have used 2 part plastic resin, but this is costly

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