1/35 Yamaha Raptor-like ATV in 3D print

So after only printing accessories, I’ve become ambitious and printed a whole 1/35 vehicle [small indeed] in 3D. I modified an existing OBJ file of this Yamaha Raptor-like ATV and printed the whole thing in one piece.

Printed with supports:

Obviously, removing the crazy number of supports was a pain and took more than an hour to get to this. You need magnifying glasses, good precision nippers, Xacto knife and lots of patience. B/c of so many supports and fine details, it gets really confusing as to which one is the kit’s part and which are to be discarded. I’m sure I inadvertently cut off the kit parts. Many parts have been damaged in the process, including a rear wheel.
What I should have done was to slice out some major parts like wheels, chassis, and engine parts - then print them separately for later assembly. Of course, it was too much work by the time I was done revising the existing CAD so I said heck with it.
A lot of fine details fell off and these photos do not include things that will need to be superglued later.

Obviously, the 3D print replicates the real ATV’s shapes and components without considering the different structure integrity (metal vs. plastic) and arrangement issues. What works in the real life sometimes doesn’t translate well in resin replica in 1/35. So it is a bit wabbly.

This is only about the half of all the supports cut:

Might have spent more resin on the supports than the actual printed model. :smiley:

I am going to try to save what I can; replace some broken/weak parts with Evergreen rods and strips, etc. I’ll post some more photos after repairing. :smiley:

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I think you did a good job.Man! there are a lot to cut off. I do not know how you do this,I’ld like to learn.

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Great work on a unique vehicle.

Really cool. Is it stiff and strong enough to mount any figure on it, or is it pretty fragile?

It’s 100% civilian, correct?

Stiff enough for figures. Planning to put the 1/35 MB zombie huntress on it. Only civilian I think, too.