1/350 Commanders Models USS Pittsburgh?

Has anyone bought the 1:350 resin USS Pittsburgh heavy cruiser from Commanders Models also sold by Adama Models on the web? It appears to be a massive resin casting of most of the whole ship. The price seems expensive but a lot of effort is in the master so maybe the price seems high.

Or has anyone built this? Looking for input as I don’t see a 1/350 injection kit coming anytime soon.

I think you are referring to the Iron Shipwrights resin model.

They are not for the fainthearted modeller. The castings are not the best quality, there are bubbles usually and you will need to do so quite some filling, reshaping and correcting on the details.

The photoetch are a bit on the thick side but really good.

The hull casting usually lucks details like the bilge keels or they are usually incorrectly shaped.

You can get a really nice model out of the kit but the cost of purchase combined with all the work and the extra money you might spend on additional details is not worth it in my opinion, unless it is Commission work and you are getting paied to do it.

Trumpeter has announced that they will release a 1/350 Baltimore class eventually but they keep postponing it.

N - thank you for the cogent reply. You confirmed some of my fear about the kit. Most importantly you saved me $300-plus for which my bank account is grateful.

Seems like waiting for a Baltimore class kit from Trumpeter is a long wait.