1/350 CV-10 Yorktown angled deck

I would like to convert the 1/350 CV-11 Intrepid to a USS Yorktown CV-10 with the angled deck (I visited the Yorktown a couple weeks ago and would like to do that ship). What would be the most cost prohibitive? I see Model Monkey has a Yorktown island for that scale. Any other tips or advice? Are elevators and hangar deck areas similar?

The Intrepid kit has significant differences in the hurricane bow area.
Yorktown and ESSEX had a nicely rounded/faired in hurricane bow and do not have the projecting thinks sticking out. All the ships of the ESSEX class that got the angle deck change had differences, so good pictures to use of the Yorktown and a scratchbuilding skillset will be necessary.
I did the old Revell 1/540 scale of ESSEX with the angle deck, and even that kit had a lot of things wrong.
I worked hard “righting” things though, as that was “MY” ship in 1960-1964.

I sure wish someone would do a 1/350 of either ESSEX or Yorktown though.

Good luck with your build.