1/350 cvan-65 enterprise 1967 nam

I will post later this week

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Looking forward to it!

Thursday will have photos

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YYiXLdT 3yMXgXx UkNdzKz 1XgaHtL Still working on it.


Thats looking awesome!

As Ezra says! The busy flight deck and elevators look really cool!


Should be done this Sunday I hope.

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Mardis, nice Enterprise! I especially like how you weathered the flight deck to the point that the lines are almost worn away in spots - very realistic!


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Vey cool! She looks awesome! Congratulations on your commissioning of USS Enterprise CVAN 65!


The big E looks great …but is a very impressive air wing :+1: cracking job

Beautiful. Time to put her to sea!

That looks really, really nice. I’ve been working on mine for over a year. Lit hangar deck with tool boxes bomb jacks and racks, the whole shebang. I drilled out the exhaust of the an F-16 cut out the belly of it and installed an orange mini LED to simulate engine at take off. It was super difficult and took a few to get it right. I just joined this site so I’ll post some photos soon. I really like the worn flight deck markings.

Thank You! Think I’m going light the hanger of my CVA-62 Indy. Working on my 1/350 America now. Post photos next week

Nice work. the Big E looked her best when she had the beehive on top of the island.