1/350 Hasegawa IJN. Aircraft Carrier Akagi

Bid Ed Photo Etch added. Very complex upper deck supports and PE. Gator Grip Acrylic glue mandatory for PE here.

Many small parts that were easier to inhale than place on model.


Beautiful work on a great kit,I built mine with no extras,was complicated enough for me !!!

Impressive work.

Wonderful big carrier- the painting and marking scheme is really eye catching.

Very nice, Clarence! :clap: :clap: :clap:

CHAK CHAK… I feel your pain, but love the result. Looks terrific that deck!

Looks great and may be a daft question from a non floaty type person … Looking at the hull, were Japanese carriers built by converting / using existing/planned battleship hulls ? or were they built specifically with those sleek hulls ?

Many were conversions. Akagi was a battlecruiser and Kaga a battleship both cancelled by the Washington Naval Treaty. (like Lexington and Saratoga) Shokaku and Zuikaku and Hiryu and Soryu were purpose built. Many later carriers were converted to try to ease the critical shortage after the Battle of Midway. A few lighter carriers were converted from prewar vessels purpose-built for potential carrier conversion in case of war.

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