1:35th Air Hose Connections - Glad Hands

Looking for a source of 1:35th scale air hose connectors, known as glad hands, and any similar fittings.

I’m having the same issues in 1/48 right now. In my case unfortunately it may come to scratching them. That said, even though they’re the wrong scale for you, there are many different nylon hose fittings in HO scale (Detail Associates?) that might work for you, given that they’re designed for larger connections between locomotives.

Perfect Scale Models maybe?https://www.perfect-scale.de/en/www–perfect-scale-de-9/Compressed-air-connection.html

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HB, I saw those previously ( I have donated more than a few dollars to PSM!) but they appear different than what I think of. Possible difference between Euro and US?

Here is a link to the Aber Pneumatic joints, nipples, and valves PE set. I’ve used it on a couple of models, and it works well. It does require soldering or gluing a couple of tiny pieces of PE.
Pneumatic joints, nipples and valves, Aber R24 (2006) (scalemates.com)

HB, a quick google search showed these samples, which after consideration, are what I would be looking for, so I’ll knock on PSM’s door soon.
Taylorrl, Thanks for the Aber reference, but as suspected, those are much more work that what is required for my trucks.
And this is what I love about Armorama!

Look at tigermodeldesigns.com - got gladhands from them, but can’t find their parts number right now.

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I’m guessing it’s easy to scale them down to 1/48 as well. I’ll have to contact him.

Yes I would think so. Usually the designers are pretty good at doing that kind of work if asked. I am looking into my own printer for just this kind of stuff.

I ordered Matt’s gladhands and they were way undersized. I think they are closer to 1/48 than 1/35. I compared them to the Trumpeter gladhands that come in their truck kits and they were about half the size.

This was a problem for me too!
I finally got some for my 1:35 M983 HEMTT from Shapeways. I believe they were from a guy who originally did model railroad stuff. He scaled them up, but they look the part. I’ll see if I have his name somewhere.

Yes, look to Shapeways for these!

Also, I have used 1/48 scale white metal glad hands used in model railroading detailing. Available for Wiseman Model Services.

Interesting that I did not see this last year when I was CADding the Glad Hands. All those shown don’t look that accurate to me comparing to my 3D prints:

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Do you have these available for sale?