1/35th ratchet straps

Anyone know of a supplier (here in the US) for 35th scale ratchet straps? Got a couple of hits while googling but none seem to be in production anymore. Eduard has a new-ish set of tie down straps but I can’t tell if the include the ratchets or it’s just a fret of PE straps. My preference would be for resin ratchets but I’ll settle for any type of media.

As a former producer of PE ratchet straps, I wold look on Scalemates. There are many different options there, PE, resin, etc.

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I prefer Djiti’s Production Ratchet Straps in resin (35028). They are much easier to work with for me than PE and look just as good. I get them off eBay and have had no issues.


You can see them here on my M985A2 w/HEMAT trailer securing the MLRS rocket pods.


Nice. I think I’ll go that route. You buy them off anyone in particular? Also - do they provide the straps themselves or just the ratchets?

I buy them from whoever is offering them, no one on particular. No strap materiel is included. I make the straps out of sliced masking tape, then paint them the desired color.

I’ve used these as well, PE but very good.
Ratchet Lashing Straps 1/35 (miryoku.cz)

Maybe a bit late, but…. Ratchet Straps

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