1 35th Ryfield M1A2 Sepv3 and the RWS placement

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It appears this kit gives you the option to place the RWS in its customary spot or in the middle of the turret. I believe this is shown in the picture circulating with the M1 in a new paint scheme. If this is true how often do they place it there? Or was this on the prototype only and then changed back to its normal position.

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The general location of the CROWS unit is always above the tank’s main Sighting Unit.



There is a mount of some sort there, in the middle, my totally uninformed guess is that it’s a storage spot, for transport, maybe?

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Right?!?! That guess is as good as mine. Could it be giving the commander a clear vision forward? Maybe adding yet another weapon?

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I think your guess is right. Not sure where this photo came from, but it seems to show the weapon station in transport position.


Well I’ll be da…

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