1/35th Scale T-14 Armata

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Just curious who you all think has the most up to date version of the T-14 Armata in 1/35th scale. Takom? Trumpeter? Zvezda/Revell?

Thank you in advance

Or Panda?

Yes or Panda…

an interesting question given that it appears the project was scraped (except when they were trundled out for parades) due to cost, then resurrected, currently with a " number of T-14 tanks in an “experimental batch” [shipped] to Russian Armed Forces." and the reference to T-14 means the platform not the tank so at this stage the tank I would say has not been standardised so any of the above kits could be the up to date version.

Modern technology is not included in the circle of my interests, so I give someone else’s opinion.
Here is a comparison of Zvezda and Panda from 2016 on Karopka.
In the Russian social network “ВКонтактеe” (VK) there is such a recent review (I quote):
"*Trump (Ark) is not a model, but a complete misunderstanding!
At one time I bought all the models that were released and compared them with real tanks from the photo (fortunately, hundreds of them were made at parades)

In short:
1) The most copy and correct PANDA MODEL!
But she has the most zamylennoe casting and flash! Just awful by today’s standards.
2) The second TACOM.
If you do not take into account that the leading sprocket is one tooth less. And a lot of little things.
3) The third “Star”.
It could have been put in second place, if not for the absolute jamb with DZ blocks on the VLD!
Irregularly shaped nets at the stern and a tank under the turret niche. Not quite faithful rollers.
The absence of asphalt trucks, and most make the front version, and there the trucks are with asphalt vehicles!
4) Trumpeter (and ARK) In terms of copying, a complete jamb and misunderstanding!
The paradox - the only thing that was done well - is that the “Zvezda” was done poorly: the DZ blocks on the VLD, the tank under the turret niche and the details of the bottom of the hull bath were plausibly made. Everything…

5) BUT the best and most replica ARMATA T-14, as shown by comparison with the available photos, is ARK BUT in 48 resin scale.
It can be taken as a sample and finalized models in 35th scale. But this model at an exorbitant cost is virtually nowhere to get."

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My understanding is that the T-14 is the tank. Armata is the name of the whole family. T-15 is the IFV.

Thank you for the comparisons. My bad, I got the Zvezda model as I thought it was more accurate.


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How is the Zvezda offering Olivier?

The cast is very fine as the details are. I can’t comment on the accuracy though.


Thank you for the info

I have a built up unpainted Zvezda Armata I can take photos of if you want.

I have also built the Takom kit. Takom engineered the kit far better than Zvezda, especially the turret. The Takom kit also includes photoetch that are almost a must for the engine deck and the rear of the turret.

The Zvezda kit builds up nice and relatively easy, except the turret and some frontal armor modules. I recall comparing the Takom engine deck to the Zvezda one and noticing size and shape differences, but I dont have the Takom kit anymore.