1/43 Scale Garage Diorama

I built this for my brother for Christmas. He is a big car guy and has a collection of diecast cars in different scales, including 1/43.

It is a self-contained diorama from a company called Great Garages, made by Estes Corporation. Yea, the model rocket people.
Available in 1/43 and 1/24 scales, the kit includes a display base with two walls and a floor, with the rest being clear. The walls and floor are done using stickers. There are also stickers for the clock, signs, book covers, etc. The tools, cabinets, and other bits are all plastic that you have to build and paint, just like any other model. The viper model was included so I built it; frankly, it was not very good.
The tools and accessories are actually very nice. Some bits are a little over sized/thick for 1/43 scale, but still look good when built and painted. If I was to do it again, I would replace the vinyl tubing (air compressor, paint sprayer, and welding set) with wire; the tubing was very difficult to work with.
I think it came out really good, and really compliments any car model you wish to put in it.

The shelf and cabinet were tricky to glue to the wall because the sticker was in the way.

I usually build military stuff, so this was a nice break from all that green and sand.


You know, if you build German WWII armor you could add some red-brown to that green and sand and spice it up a bit.

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