1:48 AB-204 Royal Netherlands Naval Aviation Service

The UH-1 in service with the Dutch Naval Air Service (Marine Luchtvaartdienst) has always been an interesting looking helicopter to me, but unfortunately there are no options to build one in 1:48 scale. There are only two kits that come close to this version of the Huey, one very simplified kit from HobbyBoss and one from Monogram. That kit is well past its best-before date and is a waste of time, so I had to make do with the HobbyBoss UH-1C. The main problem was the exhaust section, which is very different on the AB-204. I 3D printed this part, and managed to fit it to the kit without too many problems. Since I was busy 3D printing anyways, I also decided to add some detail to the rather sparse HobbyBoss Huey. I printed new seats, a new rotor head, tail rotor, skids, flotation gear, mirror and various other small parts unique to the Dutch Huey. The model was then painted with MRP-225 and 040, and finished with custom decals. The end result is a unique rendition of this helicopter, and likely to be the only one in this scale. I hope you like it!


That is a beautiful model, a very unique version!!

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Thank you, glad you like it!

Turned out beautifully… You might considder selling the parts you printed as a conversion kit!


It looks very, very nice. The same engine installation was used by the Swedish Air force and Army.

I would very much like to buy one or two sets of your engine parts if you are interested to sell.

Greetings Nicklas Karlén