1/48 AT-6 Texan.... Only the ancient Revell Monogram?

…Is the Revell/ monogram kit from 1983 really the only option for an AT-6 Texan in 1/48? My searches aren’t coming up with anything other than re-boxes of this ancient kit…

I found it to be a fairly nice kit. I’ve always wanted to build a Zero out of one, a la Tora! Tora Tora!
They say it actually handled better after the mods.

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exactly what I want to do. Just trying to source a good base kit… Going to grab a tamiya zero for bits.

Lone Star Models did a conversion set in 1/48. I don’t know if it’s still available - I think the guy has health issues. You could probably contact him and see.

Would the Italeri 1/48th AT-16 Harvard II serve as a starting point?

Occidental makes/made an AT-6G kit.