1/48 B-17F Build - 303rd BGs Luscious Lady {Continued)

R.I.P. :frowning_face:


Brian that’s such sad news, what a loss for our fraternity/community – sincere condolences to you & his nearest. One of the Greats, if ever we start a Hall of Fame he’ll go directly into it.

Could I suggest you write an obituary when you’re able, and place it in the General Discussions/In Memoriam sub-forum?


Thanks, Tim.

H.G.'s passing is a huge loss to our community, for sure. He was one of the best modelers I have ever encountered, a genius at this craft, really. And a good-hearted soul.

As time passed, we did become close friends, and on more than one occasion, he told me I was his best friend. So I think it does fall to me to write an obit for him here, and I’ll take that task on.

I am in touch with his roommate and will keep people posted.


Sad news. Always enjoyed HG’s posts. Prayers and peace to his friends and family. He is at rest with his wife and child. :cry:


Very sad news! indeed! my condolences!


This is truly devastating and such heartbreaking sad news. He was such a terrific and warm hearted man, and he battled through so much yet he always had a kind and always encouraging word for everyone he encountered here during their builds and I am positive it would of been the same in real life.
Even though it was mostly here, HG and I did chat occasionally via email and he always had such a positive outlook on life and how nice other people were. I was very lucky that he actually phoned me about a few months ago and we chatted on the phone for about 20 minutes. And it was based on him just wanting to say how much he enjoyed following my builds, and the comments he would read that I had made about others work.

He was definitely one of a kind from the old school of good natured and just genuinely nice people. I am happy that he slipped away peacefully in his sleep … It was a real pleasure and honour to have known and spoken with him. He now rightfully joins his wife and child up among the stars in peace. Thoughts to his family and you Brian during this sad time.

Rest in peace H.G … we will all miss you and your brilliant builds.


Sad news :cry:


I am saddened greatly at this news. I only had very positive conversations with H.G. around his models and mine. He was always supportive and always willing to help in any way.

My sincerest condolences to family and friends, such a loss to us all.

Rest in Peace H.G., you will be missed.




I am “reviewing my notes,” so to speak, and am planning in the near future to write an Obit about H.G.

in the General Discussions/In Memoriam sub-forum

per Dioramartin’s suggestion. I’ll link to it here when it goes up.



That’s a must for a deserving and such a nice man…we will all seriously miss him here … :pray:

I’m just glad I was actually able to speak to him that one time … A real loss.


I just read about the sad news. Even though several years ago I left the model aircraft community here and moved on to the Dark side of scale cars, HG always seemed to find the time to checkout my builds and leave such positive comments and encouragement.
I can only imagine how you must feel as you lost one of your dearest friends, and we all lost one of the best modelers that ever called KitMakers home.
My sincerest condolences on his passing. May he rest in peace.


Such sad news, he wil be missed.


Very sad news. He always took the time to give positive feedback to many modellers. His respect for others was only equalled by the respect we all had for him. Even if he only added a simple ‘like’ to your post, you knew he meant it.



Sad news, really enjoyed following this epic build…


Ah that’s a real shame. RIP Mr HG. He - through the medium of this build - was the one who convinced this incorrigible “tread head” to move into 1/48 aircraft.

Very sad.


There is already a message about his passing in said threat. You can add your obituary to that?
As for my I am also sad about this news. He was a kind, supportive and understanding person, who pushed on, no matter his illness…


Yes, actually. In the four-plus years that we worked together, I got to know him very well. We spoke frequently on the phone about things outside modeling.

He had a very difficult life filled with many losses. The principal way he compensated was through his religious faith and behavior toward others who needed help. So far as modeling is concerned, I consider him a genius. He knew he had this extraordinary talent, and my own crazed work on the build before he took over motivated him to devote every bit of his art to making it perfect. In terms of his work, his roommate confirms that the task energized him like nothing else. And he very often thanked me for the opportunity to get it done.

So, I feel a moral obligation to tell his story, to preserve somewhere in the public domain the memory of a remarkable man who deserves to be remembered.

I write way better than I model, so give me this opportunity. His story has elements of O. Henry’s famous short story, “The Last Leaf,” and for that reason alone is worth recording.


It will continue.

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I think when some respectable time has passed and we have had a chance to reflect, it would be nice to keep him here with us by doing a campaign dedicated to him … that would surely keep him amused ??


So sad

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