1/48 Dragon/Trimaster Me 262 A-2a/U2

This story starts over a beer with two friend’s of mine, we can call them Rickard and Jonas. Rickard owns far more original Trimaster kits than can be considered healthy (at least two of each they ever released, complemented with Dragon kits of the ones that Trimaster started but never released before going bancrupt in 1991…). He has never built a Trimaster kit (or a Dragon copy) and we realised that most other modellers probably hasn’t either, I have seen very few of them finished in real life at least even if quite a number can be found on the Internet. Jonas did a 262 a few years ago, resulting in a nice-looking 262 and the sale of the rest of his unbuilt Trimaster collection :grin: .

So how bad can it be? As you all know I don’t do 1/48 but this was a challenge I couldn’t say no to even if I do have other things that I really ought to prioritize!

This is the usual way those kits are found. Unbuilt, and a whole load of them in one go. Sadly some are from people who have passed, I’m not sure of the background in this case though. Someone has paid quite a lot of money (in today’s money they cost far north of 100 USD/Euros when new in the early 1990s), put them in the stash and never got around to building them. Today they are positively cheap, I paid about 25 USD/Euros for mine (it’s the actual kit in the right column, third from the bottom :slight_smile: ) Thanks to HP and Marco at Hobbybokhandeln here in Stockholm for letting me use the pic, they also promised not to tell anyone that I’m building in 1/48 scale so I expect that the Aeroscale community can keep that secret too…

There is certainly nothing wrong with the boxart, this one positively screams “build me”!

Lots of tiny pieces!

Steel photoetch that’s as stiff as (not unexepected) steel. Very good for structural parts like the main gear wells, pure horror for the seat belts. And also a set of the universally hated rubber tires, I bought myself a set of Eduard resin wheels and realise that I could have gotten myself some easier to handle seat belts in the same order if I had been a slight bit more clever…

Decals. From 1996. I was 24 then, now I’m 51… Let’s see if they are still OK! I’ll cut masks for the big motifs so they aren’t make-it-or-break-it…

Most of the tiny pieces went into the interior, there’s more parts here (of which very little will be seen…) than in one of my usual 1/72 kits. And the sprues look fairly empty before we have even reached the outside where stuff can actually be seen. I think this is a 1990’s thing, there were two important goals then: accuracy (please shoot me) and detail (as in cockpit and landing gear detail).

A close-up of the mixed construction gear wells. There are no alternative plastic parts here, you have to use the PE. Which fits well, is easy to fold and strong but it certainly doesn’t make this a beginner’s kit!

Let’s see if I manage to pull this one through.

For inspiration, and a more detailed look at the box contents, @AussieReg did a beautiful build of this exact kit on the old site, be sure to check it out! Also, the campaign thread for the 262 campaign is well worth a visit!

What’s Rickard building then? Of course nothing from that well-guarded original stash, he found himself a second-hand boxing where everything already has been cut from the sprues. You cannot touch that sacred Trimaster stash…




Very cool Magnus, many thanks for the shout-out as well! Definitely on board for your journey here mate, looking forward to progress reports and bigger parts on sticks :sunglasses:

Cheers, D

Fantastically good intro! Looking forward to following along. Despite being an AFV modeler, I have a soft spot for 1/48 TriMaster kits from the mid 1990’s.

One friend, fire sold many kits to buy a 1/48 TriMaster Ta-152. He hit a brick wall then unloaded the kit on me. It made a challenging slap together with my mediocre airplane skills but proved a fun model build.

He too quickly unload the rest of his TriMaster’s after that one build experience.

ooo, an interesting distraction Magnus… :slightly_smiling_face:

Normally there’d need to be mention of straying from the one true scale, but this could be the exemption :wink:

To soften the PE seatbelts and other items, you could try annealing the PE (gently apply heat until the metal turns purplish, assuming it’s not painted of course)

@AussieReg Your builds were really nice and it is just sad if they get lost in the depths of the old site, they are well worth linking to! I’ll use them as a reference for my build, saving my own precious research time :grin: .

@Armor_Buff Someone once told me that the 152 is the worst of the bunch, everything is flimsy with tiny glue surfaces. A bad start even if I can see why he picked that one, the Ta-152 being kind of a holy grail for Luftwaffe builders (I know, I’m one of those too, gotta love those long glider wings :slight_smile: ).

@Russelle I should have annealed them. They have sprung loose from the seat at least five times but now the seat is safely glued in the cockpit tub!




And an update!

Things are moving rather swiftly right now. Combined with a level of ambition that isn’t through the roof this looks promising.

I don’t know if this is the most clever way to do it but I’ve glued the rear fuselage, reinforcing the lower seam that seems a bit on the thin and flimsy side with a strip of plastic. I’ll allow this to settle well and then I’ll squeeze in the bombardier’s position into the nose, hopefully getting the fuselage straight and strong with the help of the bulkhead. Finally I hope that I can add the wing, with the cockpit mounted on it, from below without too much trouble. Looks promising but I’m not sure :slight_smile: .

As a rule of thumb… (sorry, I wasn’t able to invent a better joke :grin: ). Painting was a breeze in this scale and I think it will look just the part when installed in the cockpit. @AussieReg This does qualify as a part-on-stick photo I hope?




There’s parts, there’s a stick, I’m good!

Nice work so far mate, moving along very well.

Cheers, D

That stinkin’ fuselage finally glued together. Bit by bit, with lots of reinforcements inside and a huge dose of black CA around all bulkheads to, if possible, avoid things going snap at some later moment. Everything is slightly warped, slightly too tight and with slightly too small glue surfaces. I think that’s the reason for people being annoyed with these kits, they were prohibitively expensive with a fit and quality that didn’t match. Even if they are old by now, better kits were made even then! The vibe is the same as with my Ta-152 builds from far ago and same thing with an Ar-234 that was just about the same.

And more for @AussieReg , it’s stick-season here in Sweden :grin: