1/48 Eduard Albatross D.Va

So bringing my stalled out build over to the new forums, this is my first biplane, may well be my last! but I’m soldering on and determined to get this thing presentable.
To sum up, the build was simple enough, added a bit of detail on the firewall and a resin seat to spruce things up, I loved the little engine that is sadly hidden inside.

Woodgrain was fun and went well, enjoyed experimenting on the test mule to find colours I liked.

Things stalled out when I got to the lozenge decals, the kit decals just didnt cut it and the thought of masking and spraying that… no. So I sourced the HGW set and wow, I love them. Theyre weird, transparent, thin but not at all brittle, they sparked new energy into this little monster for sure, I also picked up a set of gaspatch Spandau guns since I think this may be my only biplane for a long while and Id like to do it right.

light base coat is needed under the decals since theyre transparent, I went lighter on the other parts, tried a mottled effect to create a bit of variation.

pic shows it a little darker than it actually is

So Im onto the rib tapes, then its guns, finish cockpit painting, and I guess onto rigging, yayyy…


Looking pretty good for your first biplane.

Looks great to me!

Looking good so far!