1/48 heads?

I thought I had asked about this before but can’t find a reference to a previous question, so maybe I’m dreaming it…

I’m looking for 1/48 resin heads, hopefully like 1/35 hornet heads. I’m making ww1 pilots sitting in their cockpits and bodies don’t require much given how little will be visible, so I think I can manage that, but I have no confidence that I could do a 1/48 head that looked even remotely human so am looking. Anyone know of any?

The most economical way I can think of is buying a set of styrene pilots/ aircraft personel, such as ICM, or a set of 1/48 military figures from Tamiya, and just use the heads.
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I’ve taken a lot of German heads with the folding cap and simply carved it away. Tamiya, ICM and perhaps a few others.of course they’re all bald now but some are meant to represent members of the 506 PIR, so I just need to add Mohawks.
There MAY be a Russian figure or two that had a full head of hair. I’m not able to check my stash right now.

Thanks guys. I have a Tamiya figure set in 1/48 somewhere, that sounds like a good starting point!

Hope you like it…

Nice! Are these your sculpts?

I have +300 different heads and faces, sculpted in industrial chalk.

I do it from 30yrs in 1/48.

And some in 1/72…

Hope you like

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Hi Phil,
If you reside in the US, I could 3D print some heads in 1/48 and sell some to you at a low price (75 cents each?). Shipping 1st class USPS is $5 however…
Here are some examples I’ve printed - although in 1/35. Shouldn’t reduce the quality too much in 1/48:

- Vin Diesel :smiley:

Let me know.

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