1/48 IDF AH-64 D-I Saraf

I found a few minutes before heading out holiday shopping, to strat the decals. These are from the Isradecals 21st century sheet, sadly very lacking in the smaller stencils around the aircraft…leaving her very barren. I borrowed the Danger arrows from the kit decals sheet.
I have to mask the yellow V over the tailboom, I left off because most of the photos shows these gloss yellow.

Thanks for following along


Someone called for CAS ?? I would hate to be hunted by this machine…

I tried a red wash over the flare/ chaff dispensers to replicate the live cartridges. I left the tailboom dispensers as chaff.

I chose the blue Inert practice missiles, masking the 3 yellow live war shot stripes was too challenging.
Any feedback or comments welcome!!
Merry Christmas


Looking excellent! I’m interested in this version of the Apache as well. Great work.

Thanks ! The camo style really stands out , while still retaining the killer look of the Apache. I wish I had space for a larger one, the Meng kit looks good

The Apache or Saraf is finished!! A bit of dullcoat is drying after a few shiny spots caught my attention, but heres the Under Glass pics
Thanks to everyone who participated and helped

Lurking in the background is the beautiful brass antenna on the tailboom…this pesky part insisted on being mistakenly thrown away multiple times, glad I rarely empty the bin.


Nice! It came out looking great. Very nice job on it.

Looks amazing, very well done.

Came out great, congrats!

Thanks everybody for your feedback!

Lovely looking Saraf. Internal cockpit work was excellent and matched by the superb outer build and wonderful paint scheme. :+1:

@Johnnych01 - thanks ! I was inspired by yours to attempt the scheme.

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That was brave of you !! lol … glad it was able to help with yours … You nailed your cam scheme :+1:

Lol it was fun doing a camo scheme I havent tried before. Thought it was a redo after realizing I forgot the yellow V on the tail lol

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