1/48 Japanese torpedo

Does anybody have a “N” sprue ( torpedo/ mounts) from one of the 1/48 Hasegawa B5N kits looking for a good home? Can find AM torpedoes but they dont have the mounts.

Any idea if the B6N Tenzan kit uses the same torpedo? I had to buy a spare kit after a glue spill ruined the lower wing. I therefore have a spare torpedo. It’s yours if it’s the same torpedo type

Here it is mounted on my B6N

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Yes, it is the same torpedo, the Type 91.

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I believe the OP is looking for the torpedo mounts , not the torpedo? If that’s the case I believe the Kate’s torpedo was centerline hung while the Jill was offset, so likely the mounts are different?

Ah crap missed that part :frowning:

Negative. Need the whole set up. N sprue is TORPEDO and MOUNTS. Hence “torpedo / mounts” . Emphasis on “/”. Don’t know about centerline / off set , but B5Ns mounts got longer from rear to front so the torp looks like it is nose down. The B6N looks to be level with the fuselage. The S sprue (for the B6N ) has 3 equal length mounts .(Near as I can tell from the parts diagram and kit instructions.) The S sprue would work, just have to adjust the mounts a wee bit. The torp is the same, and I’ll have to tweek it a bit, regardless. Asfar as I know the torpedoes at PH had the box set up on the fins for the shallow water of the harbor. Hasegawa missed that on the B5N kits too.

I was wrong about the center line mount on the Kate - it is offset as well .
Sprue N only includes the the two forward most torpedo mounts. The after most mount is on sprue K . All three of these look to be easily scratch built.
The Eduard Japanese torpedo includes the shallow running box for fins.
There is also a 3D print of the torpedo and cart by
The Model Bunker in Ireland.
I have both the Eduard set and the Model Bunker offering - both are very nice.
You are welcome to my Hasegawa torpedo if needed and I can help with dimensions etc. if you want to scratch the mounts . LMK .

The B6N is also nose down, my pics don’t show it well. The B6N kit also has the wood fins. Let me know if you want it

I can send sprue shots if you like.

That bit about the N mounts is right. I forgot the rear one is the K , which is used for the level bomber version. Off set for the torpedo seems to be to keep it clear of the bomb site window. Question: Why? Not gonna need the bomb sight to drop the torpedo, I be thinking. I’ll take the torpedo. Do you have the mounts too? Be a good start for mods.

I need the mounts but I can give you the dimensions. If you are going to have the torpedo mounted on the aircraft it is a simple matter of cementing strips of plastic to torpedo and drilling out for rods to aircraft- I’ll give you the lengths.

I think I have the complete sprue, I’ll double check tonight. If I do it’s all yours!


Domo arigato.

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Yup as I thought, I have the full sprue.

If these look like the parts you need, I’ll I ask is for shipping.

That’ll do the J.O.B.! :slight_smile: I’ll PM you the details. Thanks.


Be aware that the torpedo mounts for the Kate are three different lengths- forward mount being the longest. Here are some pics of the Kate N sprue with dimensions taken at the center of the forward and intermediate mounts.

  • and a photo and drawing to illustrate how the torpedo lies when hung .

Hope this will be of some help and please post your project.

Cheers - RT

Thank. Knew about the “nose down” attitude for the Kates torpedo. Figured the B6N set up would give me a good starting point. The measurements will come in handy. Instead of using my usual TLAR (That Looks About Right) method. (Hey. It works for my cooking. BAM!! )

FYI the B6N ones are also different lengths, hence the different part numbers. Number 6 is the longest of the group and goes on the torpedo nose, the B6N torpedo is also nose down.

This photo kinda shows it

Ah. Looking at the parts diagrams on the scalemate site looked like the B6s ones were equal. The B5s , the front one is visibly longer. Makes no nevermind.

K9 is from the bomb mount set up. Figuring I can use K9 and S? and set the torpedo on those, and figure what length i need to adjust the front one to.

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Her’s a B5. The nose down looks more pronounced.

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