1/48 Ki-43 II Otaki/Arii

A new month, a new week, and a new project. I’m starting my long planned Otaki/Arii Ki-43 II, with a set of Aeromaster Decals, Yahu instrument Panel, and possibly some PE bits from this generic Japanese PE detailing set.

this is what comes in the box

Externally, as a typical Otaki/Arii kit, the detailing and shape is nice, but the cockpit needs help, and the wheel wells are barely there

So I started by drilling, grinding, and removing the too shallow wheel well ceilings… I’ll build new ones of a more appropriate depth

Then I addressed the pilot seat which has a block looking like a stack of phone books in the seat pan. Since the kit pilot figure is terrible, I won’t be using him, and I began cleaning up the seat, removing the block and drill8ng some lightening holes in the seat back.

I’ll address the hole in the seat bottom, then add a bit more detailing to the seat. There is a resin replacement seat available, but it’s’ cost and shipping is more than I paid for this kit, so no thanks…

More to come in a few days…


I will be watching. I still enjoy the Otaki kits.

I hope you do not mind but here is a built Otaki:

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Fred, I don’t mind one bit. Hopefully they have some good tips on how to clean up the shortcomings of this kit.

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Here is another Otaki built:

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Last night I finished up the seat, sanding off the seat pan bottom and replacing that with some sheet styrene, plus adding a low back support beam

then I glued that in place on the cockpit floor

and this morning I’ve been working on adding the tops of the now depend wheel wells

My next step is modifying fuselage areas at the forward portion of the wing roots affected by the deepened wheel wells. And I’ll be able to start painting the cockpit soon too.

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Well I finally have some updates worth posting… painting has begun… at least for the interior

Basic parts ready for paint…

then last night I laid down a base of Tamiya Lacquer Flat Aluminum on all the interior areas, plus Tamiya Lacquer Light Gun Metal on the engine

I let that dry overnight, then this morning I airbrushed on a coat of Gunze Aqueous Aotake over the Aluminum areas

after I let that dry I masked off the cockpit areas for the next color, and also added a PE seat belt

Then a short while ago I airbrushed a coat of Tamiya Cockpit Green in the cockpit area. I also painted the engine crankcase in Vallejo Game Color Cool Gray, and painted up a pair of machine guns from my spare bin that I will be adding, as their butts should be visible to the sides of the instrument panel top, like on a P-40B/C, or Zero.

more to come in a day or two…


Lots of photos on todays update, and a major milestone in construction…

Yesterday I got the cockpit base colors detail painting finished and the machine guns installed on the forward side of the IP.

This morning I did some final light weathering, and installed the Yahu IP items

Then I glued the fuselage halves together and let them dry… after an hour or so, I sanded the seam there smooth

That’s all for this week…. have a busy weekend ahead here, more updates to come next week….


Otaki Oscar - hello old friend!

Looking good.

@JPTRR, thank you Fred. I do enjoy these old Otaki kits, even of they have been superseded by newer & better kits. They are a great canvas for improving modeling skills with.

Well, yesterday after my last update, I had a little free time left in the afternoon, so I glued the wings on to the fuselage

Not too bad a fit, but on the bottom there is a pronounced step and gap

I will have to deal with the step & gap next week when I resume work on this next week…


Oi! There’s a whole lot of puttying and sanding to do.