1/48 Me 410 B-6/R-2 by Revell Pro Modeler

I see now, having read your review of the kit. I was unfamiliar with this boxing until now. Cheers on donating this fine build to a worthy charity- my wife is a pediatric physical therapist, so it’s greatly appreciated.

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Wow! And her work is most definitely needed. The money raised will go to a senior citizen missing a leg from a horrific car accident and now, obviously, in a wheel chair. But the really sad part is that he has no family. Well I’m going to make sure he can at least be mobile enough to enjoy life. Thanks again.


Beautiful job HG and kudos to you for helping the less fortunate.


Outstanding! Both the build and the post-build activities. A great thread full of nest tips and tricks, many thanks for sharing your thoughts and progress details.

Cheers, D

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Thanks Sir. Glad you enjoyed! Merry Christmas.

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Fabulous thread and build! Really enjoyed it all. Very well written and documented. I know very little about aircraft but do know an excellent build. I hope the auction exceeds its goals for your worthy cause.

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Wow, thank you for the kind words and best wishes.


Great work! That radar looks amazing. Sunward Hobbies must be proud to seeyour work, too.

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I forgot to thank you… my bad!

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I should have thanked you for the support. Sorry.

The 410 has a new home! Seems a shame though not to give it a base. Sunward Hobbies gave me permission to use the leftover wood planks from the Bluenose II commission to make the parking lot. Rodger (the new owner) is fine with the organic look.

DSC03142 (Small)

DSC03143 (Small)

DSC03146 (Small)

DSC03147 (Small)

Having only completed a few dozen of these I’d seriously appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks Everyone.

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Excellent work!

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Thanks Steve!

When you build a parking lot for the 410, don’t forget the Meter Rita for the ticket, HG! :joy:

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Had that in mind, but she got fired for taking an arm and a leg. So I hired an alligator who just takes a leg. The jog is still open. Hee Hee.

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