1/48 Monogram OS2U Kingfisher

Welp…this all came in the mail today. There’s a friend of mine that has been working away on his Kingfisher and I’ve always wanted to build a Kingfisher BUT…never liked the Monogram kit. When I went on a search for a possible newly released kit from a possibly different manufacturer, I turned up with nothing but all these newer released Monogram/ Revell kits. However, I did find an update set from Flightline Engineering that was worth its weight in gold. Pretty much every aspect of this kit has been upgraded/ revised by this guy. Beautiful update set for around $50 shipped.

In any case, Tom, if you’re in here…thanks for the inspiration. I hope to start this holy grail build very soon:



Hi Joe - delighted to see you do aircraft as well .
I’ve got this kit as well but never got the Cutting Edge correction set . May just have to get the 3D print stuff you have - had no idea it existed so thanks !
Cheers- RT

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Thanks Rich. Ya know, I didn’t know about this update set either…until I started eyeballing this kit a little closer. I mean…this kit does suck…BUT…with the right detail sets or in this case…update set, it can be cleaned up and detailed out a little easier.