1/48 phantom decals

I’ve ordered my first 1/48 plane, an academy phantom 4b. Thinking about decals…

Are the Academy decals for these kits usable? I have built a couple of 1/72 Academy P-47s and while the kits were gorgeous (easy, nice fit) the decals were too thick to be usable.

I’d like to do an early phantom and am wondering about the stencils. AoA decals offers a stencils set that is listed as for post rebuilds (late 60s/early 70s). Furball decals offers a stencil set (that I think came with the Eduard Good … Da Nang sets) that is listed as the factory stencils. Anyone have experience with either of those? Are they indeed different stencil sets? And of course, Academy has stencil decals that come with the kit.

Good decals. AoA decals are printed my Microsoft if I recall correctly. Furball decals are printed by Cartograf.