1/48 T-34 road wheels

Other than CMK (?) which has a set of late dish (T-34/85) and rare modified Panther wheels, does anybody make 1/48 T-34 road wheels? Planning a Obr 1941 in 1945 and would think it would have received a couple replacements in its life time. Or does anybody happen to have a couple all steel or spider rims in their spares box I could beg, borrow, or steal?

Gaso.line makes a set, although technically it would be possible to beg, borrow or steal them, I guess it should be easier to just buy them from the shop :wink:

Thanks for the lead. I checked them out. Between required minimum order and shipping it would cost me twice what I paid for the whole kit. Little pricy :scream:, especially when I really only need 2 road wheels. Only other place that seems to carry them is out of stock. :frowning: