1/48 Tamiya M1A2

Has anyone done or know of anyone backdating the 1/48 kit to a M1A1? Probably not as simple as removing the TC citv and making a hatch cover.

I want to make a NC National Guard hog and they don’t appear to have the a2. Seems back in 2015-2017ish time period the NCNG was doing very well at the Sullivan’s Cup so I would like to do one of those hogs.

Thanks in advance.

I guess the most difficult would be to make the TC cupola. Removing the CITV is just as easy as you mentioned it.


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Thanks. You know of anyone making an aftermarket replacement? My googlefu didn’t find anything.

Have you tried shapeways?

Not directly, I did try with google.

There are a number of other makers of 1/48 Abrams tanks, Academy, Aoshima, Arii, Kitech, Taka, Zhengdefu; their quality is not even close to Tamiya, but if you find a cheap one, you can use the cupola from it. You can usually find a wide selection on ebay, but the prices vary wildly. Zhengdefu and Academy look to be the best to me (as far as the cupola is concerned) but look around and make up your own mind. The key is finding one cheap, as most of their parts really suck.

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As far as I know, Arii is 1/48th scale and perfect for A1.
I did one long time ago, with Propaganda Kompany Wheels and Tracks kit…

Kitech and Zheng Defu are 1/55th

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Thanks for the information.