1/6 Scale Captain Apollo from Battlestar Galactica

Hi All.
Here is a prototype 1/6 scale Captain Apollo printed in PLA I’m working on. I have a love / hate relationship with PLA. But he’s been fun to do.
I’ll post pics once he’s finished.

COMING MAY 11TH. BattleScale Collectica Show. A Video Webcast that features custom fan made figures and scale models.


Here’s Captain Apollo with some paint. not ready to show the head yet :slight_smile:

The BattleScale Collectica Show

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So does anyone else like working on action figures? I’ll be doing an episode specifically on some fan created BSG and V action figures on a future episode. If you’ve built some action figures post them here!

The BattleScale Collectica Show

that sucks to hear about the drive failing…but I know your pain.
I’m nearly done with Apollo, then working on a custom Commander Adam 1/6 scale figure and then Maga the Borellian Nomen:)

The BattleScale Collectica Show