1/700 E7K / E8N spotters

Anybody have a couple of the afore mentioned aircraft looking for a ship? Working on a kit of Kirishima. Kit comes with a pair of E13Ns, which, near as I can figure were not deployed on Kirishima. The usual suspects seem to have sets of everything but… :confounded: Also looking for some A6Ms and D3A for Kaga’s second strike on Dec. 7. (9 A6M2s and 26 D3As . Would all have been spotted on the flight deck prior to launch? Or would some have been prepped and kept below deck and brought up as soon as there was deck space?) Need about 3 A6Ms and 20 D3As… if there are any spares looking for a good home.

After a quick look I have 1 of each but there may be others if I keep looking, so hold on for a few days

Thanks. I did some more research and looks like Kirishima had 2 F1Ms and a E13A July 42 and had dropped the E13A and a F1M of a Truk (Chuk) prior to her loss in Nov. 42. So, guess I need one of those instead. Any luck on an F1M? :grin:

I’ll look


I have several of each including Petes. How many do you need?

I have several E-13s . If you can spare 2 ea of the F1Ms, E7K and E8Ns it would be great. Lord knows what I’ll add to my IJN build list. (Current plan is Kirishima, Kaga, and Mogami with their JMSDF descendants.) If you need some Kates, let me know. I’m planning to set up the Kaga as for the second strike on Pearl Harbor, with Vals . They beat up on our state ship, USS Nevada. 'Course the torpedo hit on here was a Kaga bird.

I can send you a couple of each. I don’t need any Kates at this time thanks tho. PM me your address and I’ll get them in the mail later this week.

Domo Arigato. Address is Tim Kiernan 3555 Tripp Dr. Apt. 1. Reno, Nv. 89512. If you need any bits & pieces let me know. My usual builds are 1/35 and 1/48 armor and 1/48 IJ and JASDF aircraft . Have bunches of spares so might be able to help. Let me know when they ship , so the mail man doesn’t file a restraining order on me.

okay I will

Shipped them out today and PO says they should get there Tuesday. Took a while to get them out because of the birth of my new grandson

Oooh! Congrades!!! THAT is GOOD excuse. :slight_smile: I’ll start stalking the mailman Monday. Thanks.

Received the aircraft today …errr … Wednesday. Actually confused me. Saw packet in the mail box but brain farted. Have a package coming from Japan (hasn’t shipped yet!) and another due on Sat. (USPS sometimes arrives early … but not THIS early!!) Then I remembered, “Oh,yeah!” Thanks again for the back up.