1/700 HTMS Thonburi

I’m building Snowman models Thonburi.
It has nice detail and I can build exactly.


Hi Ryo,

What a cool and unusual subject! I’ve never seen a Snowman Model kit built before - this should be fun!
:thailand: :grin:

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Wow - that is definitely “different”. The castings look sharp.

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Love to see something completely different and this one sure is. By the way which Navy is she from…??

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Thank you for commenting everyone.
This kit quality is so great :+1:
I’ll do my best!


She was built in Japan and operated by Royal Thai Navy.

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Interestingly, Thonburi’s turrets appear to be Identical to those of the Japanese “Myoko” class heavy cruisers as those were originally built (with 7.9 inch guns). As such Thonburi’s forward turret (which survives, along with her bridge structure) is particularly interesting.



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Some parts of Thouburi like gun turret and boats looks Japanese original.