1/700 merchantman kits

Planning an off beat (for me) project and need a modernish coastal freighter/ tanker/ fishing ship in 1/700. Have found Liberty ships , a couple IJN supply ships (which civilianed up might work) and possibly the oil supply ship from the IJN harbor set. Are there any kits , besides the $100 resin kits I’ve seen, that would look the part of something running up and down the South American coast? (Just in case, any body know of any differences between the RN and Chilean Type 23 frigates?)

There are some merchantmen, and tankers available from Shapeways, but may (almost certainly) have questionable quality and detail compared from what you may be wanting, ie; their quality is not as good as a plastic kit, and much more difficult to modify, or detail. :pouting_cat:
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Plan is an Embraer 190 (1/144 scale) converted to a Chilean Maritime Patrol Aircraft over flying a “target” ship for ID. (figuring 1/144 about 4 inches over 1/700 should look like the aircraft is a reasonable altitude) Would like a nondescript civilian ship. I know Chilean Navy has 3-4 Type 23 ASW frigates so could possibly go that route for a “training exercise” . Trying not to have to go knock up some chic so I have a “first born” to sell off to get funding for the boat. Resin kits are about $60-$70 (at least) , Fujimi/ Aoshima kits are still $30+ with shipping. :frowning: So far the IJN Harbor set’s oil transport looks the best option but wunder if it would look the part of a coastal tramp.

Found a good deal on a 1/700 Liberty Ship. Will de militarized … axe the deck guns, large life floats. Maybe drop two of the life/whale boats and replace them with 4 of the modern orange inflatable ones. Big mod I am mulling is to change the looks is remove the small hold , forward of the bridge and one of the holds aft of the bridge. Any opinions ?

Looks good :+1:. It’s a good thing the sides are parallel for so long that you can cut it just about anywhere! :smile_cat:
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1/700 Truppy Liberty ship WIP. Parts next to it are the sections I removed to shorten the hull. (441 feet down to 350) Was hoping to knock this out today but (A) Mail didnt show till 7:30 PM … (B) putty for the cut forward of the bridge is taking its jolly time drying…


Interesting development. Maybe if you were to reduce the length of the boat deck aft of the bridge… Or scratch-build a new superstructure to suit a smaller steamship. If I find a real cheap Liberty ship I will do something similar for a WWll convoy steamer.
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A thought. Scratch build is not really an option. Having a hard enough trouble just building this … and modifying … with only one good eye. (and my Parrot is no help at all … Rrrrrgh! :skull_and_crossbones:) And I thought 1/35 was tricky… If I shortened the deck house I’d have to find something to fill the deck space. (From what I’ve seen not much open deck on a freighter.) I did remove the bases for the 20mm mounts over the bridge, squared it off.

Hmmm…interesting! I just developed a torn retina a month ago. Eyesight in my left eye is just a mass of swirling “floaters” so I can’t see my hand at arms length. Needless to say, I also have loss of depth perception so I can’t even tell when I’m nearing, or picking up small parts. Brush painting or applying glue accurately is impossible. I’m hoping this is temporary and will resolve itself in time. Optho thinks so, and don’t want to do surgery…yet. In the meantime, I can’t do any modeling work, can’t drive, and have difficulty reading and typing this. :frowning_face: How are you coping?
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Had a mini stroke (have heart issue, take blood thinners to prevent stke, was taken off it for a procedure, popped a clot in the eye beforethe thinner got back to useful level) that took out the center part of the left eye. Big grey mass. Peripheral is iffy. More of a hinderance than help. (inputs from it confuse info form the good eye.) Only issue with driving is need to clear my left side more before changing lanes. (Enough peripheral to know something there just not what and where exactly.) Depth perception better at some times than others. Just muddle through it. ( and try and stick to 1/35. Bigger parts.:slight_smile: )

Yeah…different cause, but similar results! I got a whole lot of Flyhawk 1/700 ship kits. Some started, most still in boxes. LOTS of tiny parts! Also I’m a big fan of 1/72 armor. Legally, I cannot drive. Laws here are different. If I have an accident, even if the other guy’s fault, I could still be found liable for (vision) impaired driving. I’m just sitting around pissed-off! :face_with_head_bandage: :pouting_cat:
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