1/72 AIM-9Bs

Anybody happen to have a pair of 1/72 AIM-9Bs kicking around . Need two for a scratch build. Have 1/48 Winders and Sparrows out the wazoo but no 1/72 ones.

Unfortunately, I only have a few and are already allocated to projects in the pipeline.
Wonder if there’s a cheapo kit you could get with them in?
I know Revell’s F-104G has a pair and it’s not a bad kit either. They sometimes show up in the various ex-Esci jets Italeri do as it was the generic missile they went with.
I did a quick Google search and saw some resin ones, Eduard’s is reasonably priced and look good.

Only other option I can think of is Hasegawa’s US Missiles set. But would you need everything else in there?

Trying to fabricate this. J/ALQ-8 for Mitsubishi F-15J. I figure a couple blade antennas and a bit of the front of a couple AIM-9Bs will work will do the job. I have enough 1/48 winders to wipe out the Russian, Chinese AND North Korean air forces. Figured there must be a like stash or two of 1/72 ones looking for a good home. Seeing I dont work on 1/72 I want to avoid spending $20 for a set for two missiles.

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Ah I get you know.
Yeah you just need something with that rough shape. I reckon the pseudo-Sidewinders Matchbox used to churn out would work for that.

Probably. The photo above is the antennas I’m trying to build. Working on Tamiya’s F-15J .The kit is an early one … AIM-9s. AIM-7s. … and I’m trying to update it to the MSIP version. I have the fetherless engine nozzles, new nose cone and JASDF weapons on order. Just need those 2 antennas. (and a couple AAM-5s. Those things are as scarce as Muslim swineherds.)

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Is it 1/48 or 32?
Sounds like an interesting project.

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