1/72 Arado 555

Finally after sitting on my shelf, it’s finished. A lot of new things like Vallejo Color Magnesium and a bit different than the usual camo versions? Still had a lot of leading edge seam separating?
I need to learn a more reliable way of addressing that? Bulkheads to prevent flex? Sprue Goo? Polished the gloss black undercoat in the same time window it took to sell my house? I usually fit brass rod inside landing gear but these were a bit too small in this scale…very delicate. The underbelly is sea grey with slight panel streaks. The nose glass was MIA so I managed to scratch one. The jet engine exhaust color is questionable but easily changed. I enjoyed the lessons learned building this Arado…all their aircraft have different drummer design imho? Excuse the background and photo quality. I’m moving and the model studio is running on fumes for a bit:)


Very nice! It’s good to find another Luft46 model on here.I’m amassing a collection of the Horten brothers powered aircraft,but they are very basic,3D printed 1/60 scale.