1/72 Bob Semple (3D printing test)

Hey guys, so I have a Creality LD-002R resin printer and after printing various STL’s I downloaded in 1/100 from Thingiverse, I decided it was time I tested my 3D modeling skills.
Im taking a few classes in school learning how to use Blender so I feel somewhat prepared for this.

And you may be wondering why the Bob Semple tank, well: there is no kit of it and its a simple design.
The only semi hard parts will be the tracks and running gear but I have some ideas.

I started with a simple square and about 8 hours later I got this.
EDIT: After looking at blueprints I saw the cupola (?) was to far forward so I moved it further back.

Then I started adding rivets.

The rivets are meatballs that have been scaled down then individually placed.
(veryyyy time consuming)

Im currently working on the turret.

Im designing it based off on multiple different pics as no two Semples look the same.

More as I keep going of course.


Ezra, be very careful. If any one of those alphabet soup agencies get wind that you’re producing this WMD, you’re gonna end up finishing high school from a black site in Belgium (allegedly).

Second, if you actually manage to print this, I’m buying one so start figuring out your Beaver Pelt to Freedom Dollar conversion.


Well I wouldnt mind that too much, I have some friends in Belgium… :rofl:

And thanks man! I have some small issues to beat outta it first, but I can confirm it will acually print. This was prototype 1.

As you can see theres a small issue with the front going all woddly (insert dirty joke here) and the back Bren barrel snapped but other then that, fairly nice!

@Mousemuffins any idea how I could fix the front?

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Oh. nice. I was thinking of doing one in 1:35.

I think your distortion is probably due mostly to having way too big a chunk of resin. Try hollowing out your hull.

…and I hear you regarding all of the reference pictures being different. Most obvious in the differing side armour.

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All I have to say is…Why???


Thanks Craig I will try that!

Attempt 2 changes:

Hollowed out model

More pronounced rivets on right side

lifting eye on front

Other suggestions anyone?

Ooh and the turret is finished.

I will print it along with the corrected hull in the morning (I hope) shouldn’t be more than a 5-6 hour print.


Oh god… it’s even stupider looking in person and I love it! Once you get this thing sorted I propose your next project should be one of the Beaverettes or a Bison.

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Very cool. I would be up for one too in 1/35th scale. As popular (for better or worse) this is in tank folklore land I am very surprised one of the big kit makers hasn’t done one yet. Now I have a feeling they will… :wink:

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Thanks guys!

Great ideas! Actually my next protect was gonna be a conversion in 1/72 to make this bad boy here.

Well I finished everything up on the hull and v.2 is printing now.

Here are the renders in Chitu box.

I think there are 4 hours left to the print.

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Ezra, you’re too cool, I knew you would be an industry leader one day. Now what in blue blazes is this thing? I’m assumeing it’s post WWI? . . . anyway well done, I never got past Widows Paint so I’m duely impressed.

Cajun :crocodile:

Are you seriously telling us you’ve never heard of the single greatest tank of WWII? Canjun, do your self a favour and just head down the YouTube rabbit hole.


There is a resin kit, but in 1/72.

The turret should be conical rather than cylindrical.