1/72 Dragon Sd Kfz 251 D

Finished first diorama for the new year. Kit is Dragon Model 1/72 251 D. Built OOB. Figures from Preiser. The wind mill is actually by Bush in HO scale. The only change I made to the kit was to scale up the main door to 1/72 scale. Hope you like it.


Very nice. Great for small scale … looks terrific. The groundwork is really nice and the 251 and the figures have a great finish – but that windmill is really lovely … well done :+1:


Thanks for the feedback, John.

Always wonderful to see fine work in the “One True Scale”! :wink: The figure and '251 finishing look very good as does the entire diorama. Just curious on how you did the camp lines on the halftrack (brush?) and what brand paint you used? :thinking:

Jan :beers:

Hi Jan, thanks for the kind words. I did hand painted the green lines. I used Vallejo, thinned with water at 1:1 ratio.